Vegkart is the tool for learning and browsing NVDB data and road network. For many use cases the CSV download utility is sufficient, but Vegkart is also an excellent starting point for learning how to build API queries.

Vegkart main components

vegkart main layout

The welcome splash screen

The welcome splash screen is used to convey important information about NVDB, relevant links, licencing information, vegkart version and the last time NVDB api was updated.

Below, we have highlighted how to close the splash screen and how to prevent it from opening every time you open Vegkart.

vegkart splash screen

Practical example

Searching for speed limits (fartsgrense) on the most important road category (europaveger) by typing into the query box:


Notice how autocomplete will guide you to the right termes. By and zooming in and clicking you should see something similar to:

vegkart speed limit

Download functionality

By clicking the 6 vegobjekter symbol you will be shown a list of the features matching your query:

vegkart download functions

At the bottom, you have two download options:

Filtering your query

The filtering functionality of Vegkart V3 is still under development, for advanced filtering please check Version 2 of vegkart

Legg til filter = add filter, fjern filter = remove filter.

vegkart download functions

Color coding by attribute values

Kategoriser = in this context, categorize by attribute value, i.e. draw each category with a different color. Note that the sequence of coloring is random.

vegkart cateogires