Category: Mobility services

This is the subset of the Norwegian data within the NAP - category Mobility Services that resides within the Norwegian road data base (NVDB). The NVDB subset is available through our API as well as our popular web application vegkart.

Please visit the main NAP site http://transportportal.no category: Mobility services for a complete view of the data available within this category.

Table of NVDB features in this category

The links below will take you to the NVDB data catalogue, giving a detailed description of the properties of each feature type and how it relates to the NVDB road network and other NVDB-features. Unfortunately, the full data catalogue itself is only available in English.

Feature type Description
809 D√łgnhvileplass Night stop rest area
64 Ferjeleie Ferry quay
48 Fortau Sidewalk
835 Gangadkomst Acces for pedestrians
43 Parkeringsområde Parking area
39 Rasteplass Rest area
451 Sykkelparkering Bike parking
874 Sykkeltilbud, riksvegrute Bike service level for major road
243 Toalettanlegg Toilet
777 Turistveg Tourist route
452 Undergang Passage underneath the road