Category: Static Traffic information

This is the subset of the Norwegian data within the NAP - category Traffic information that resides within the Norwegian road data base (NVDB). The NVDB subset is available through our API as well as our popular web application vegkart.

Please visit the main NAP site http://transportportal.no category:Traffic information for a complete view of the data available within this category.

Table of NVDB features in this category

The links below will take you to the NVDB data catalogue (in Norwegian text only), giving a detailed description of the properties of each feature type and how it relates to the NVDB road network and other NVDB-features.

Feature type Description
162 ATK-punkt Speed camera
45 Bomstasjon Toll station
105 Fartsgrense Speed limit
721 Fartsgrense, variabel Variable speed limit
624 Fartstavle Speed information
833 Forbikjøringsstrekning Suitable for overtaking
596 Forkjørsveg Right of way
48 Fortau Sidewalk
835 Gangadkomst Acces for pedestrians
174 Gangfelt Zebra crossing
813 Gågate Pedestrians only
591 Høydebegrensning Heigth limitation
100 Jernbanekryssing Railway crossing
319 Kolonnestrekning In bad weather, traffic may be directed into convoys
44 Kontroll-/veieplass Technical control station
886 Omkjøringsrute Diversion route
43 Parkeringsområde Parking area
39 Rasteplass Rest area
40 Snuplass Turning point
823 Streknings-ATK Speed camera for this segment
47 Trafikklomme Side area
856 Trafikkreguleringer Traffic restriction
97 Variabelt skilt Variable sign
99 Vegoppmerking, langsgående Road markings along the road
519 Vegoppmerking, tverrgående Road markings across the road