Road network glossary

For the convenience of English users, we provide a short description of the most common NVDB terms. Most of these terms are SOSI standard terminology, which may partly overlap with NVDB generic terminology. Please visit the Norwegian Mapping Authority SOSI description for more details.

Norwegian term description
detaljnivå SOSI-term for topology level, see road network
feltoversikt Available lanes
geometri Geometry
høydemetode SOSI-term, measuring method for height data
høydenøyaktighet SOSI-term,
kjørefelt SOSI-term for available lanes
kortform Abbreviation (“short form”), used for both link sequence position + ID and road reference
kvalitet Quality (SOSI-term)
lengde Length
måleDato Measuring date
målemetode Method for measuring
medium The medium which the road passes through, i.e. either L = luft = air (bridges), T (terrain) or U (underground, i.e. tunnels)
metode Method (for measuring)
nøyaktighet Accuracy
nodeid ID of node
porter Gate (this level of detail is rarely needed, but links are connected to nodes (and possibly to other link) by porter
portnummer Numbering of port along the link sequence
relativPosisjon The non-dimmensional linear reference position along a link sequence
retning direction
sideposisjon Side position, i.e. left of right (or possibly crossing, for brigdes)
sluttdato End date
sluttport End port
sluttposisjon End position, non-dimmensional linear reference along a link sequence
srid Coordinate system
startdato Start date
startport Starting port
startposisjon Start position, non-dimmensional linear reference along a link sequence
superstedfesting For the lower topology levels (kjørebane or kjørefelt), this is the relationship to the main topology level vegtrasé
synbarhet SOSI-term for how visible a feature is
temakode SOSI-classification
tilkobling Details of how nodes and road links connect to each other through ports
toleranse Tolerated (in)accuracy
topologinivå Topology level
type Type
typeVeg What kind of road
typeVeg_sosi What kind of road (SOSI-term)
veglenkenummer A numbering of road links along a link sequence
veglenker Road links
veglenkesekvensid ID of road link sequence
verifiseringsdato Date of verification